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Selections from  LORD TOM

On A Day Like This Phillip Boykin,Carrie Compere, Carla Duren; parishioners

Strawberry Hill Phillip Boykin, Ken Marks

Where's The Road To Freedom? Phillip Boykin, Carrie Compere, Carla Duren; parishioners

Who Am I Really? Phillip Boykin 

Lay Our Burdens Down Carrie Compere; field hands & servants

Mighty Mississippi Phillip Boykin; bond servants

Don't Eat, Don't Eat, Don't Eat Bobbi Bordley & Eizabeth Teeter

What Kind of Life Do I Have Here? Tricia Paoluccio

Glory In Your Soul Carrie Compere, Mikhail Mitchell, Brandon Khalil

This Little Dollar Bobbi Bordley & Elizabeth Teeter

I Had A Dream, Eliza Nathaniel Stampley, Carla Duren 

Someday Soon Phillip Boykin &Company


















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